Golf Swing Tubing Trainer – At Home Golf Training

 At Home Golf Training is a requirement for all golfers

Getting fit and stable, strengthening the muscles required to play the game.

Bringing the body into balance, at the core and lower back will assist each

golfer to improve his or her game and golf swing.

Fitness is now a part of life as well as a major part of the game of golf

To improve your fitness read the sections on the site dedicated  to fitness in the game of golf.

Golf Fitness Trainer Mike Pedersen shows how the Golf Swing Tubing Trainer

works right in your home,

For more information on the Golf Swing Tubing trainer go here - 

Read other articles on training Here 

Same contents as the Personal Edition and includes all three PowerCord resistance levels.

• Light/lowest resistance
• Medium/standard resistance
• Heavy/strongest resistance

Designed for the golfer looking to personalize the golf specific exercises by customizing the training and conditioning program with a variety of resistance levels. For use in-season, and off-season. Offering 37 different exercises and warm-up options.

The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainers are approved for use on all the PGA, Nationwide and Champions Tour Fitness Trailers.
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What Do the Letters on a Golf Ball Mean? :

 Golf Tips From a Pro

Well what do the letters on a golf ball mean

Every golf ball has numbers on it. How many numbers and which numbers vary from brand to brand, but they all have at least one number.

That one number is most likely to be a 1, 2, 3 or 4 (although it can also be anything from a zero to a 9), stamped beneath the golf ball’s brand name. What do these numbers mean?

Nothing, really. These single-digit numbers are simply there for identification purposes. Say you and your buddy both play the same golf ball – a Titleist Pro V1, for example. You want to make sure you can tell them apart during the round, and using balls with different numbers can help you do that. Player A might choose a ball with a “1″ while Player B uses a ball with a “3.” These types of golf ball numbers usually appear just below the branding of the ball’s name, near the equator. If you purchase golf balls by the sleeve, all the balls within a single sleeve will have the same single-digit number.

Golf balls and the 3 Digit Numbers

A golf ball might also have a three-digit number on it, usually something in the 300s or 400s. If you notice such a number on a ball, this number is letting you know how many dimples are on the ball.

Another number that might appear on golf balls is the ball’s compression rating, although compression is no longer a major selling point for most golf ball manufacturers. Until solid-core balls drove the wound ball out of the market – beginning in the late 1990s – compression rating was a big deal to golfers. A compression rating of 70 or 80 for a wound ball was regarded as an indicator that ball was a “ladies ball.” A compression rating of 110 meant you had to swing very hard to make that ball work right (the he-man ball).

Compressions these days can be way down in the 30s or 40s (ranging up to 100 or so). When these low-compression balls first started appearing on the market, manufacturers felt there was still a stigma attached to low compression – i.e., that a low-compression ball would be viewed as a “ladies ball” and male golfers wouldn’t buy it. And so numbers representing compression were dropped from most golf balls.

You’ll still find them on some brands, however, and they are almost certain – these days – to be two digits.

So, to recap: A single-digit number on a golf ball, under the brand, is there for identification; a double-digit number, if one appears, most likely represents compression; a triple-digit number most likely represents the number of dimples.

Nitro Distance Golf Ball (12-Pack),

The Nitro Golf Max Distance golf balls have a ultra-reactive titanium core to maximize energy transfer so your shots fly higher and go longer. With the two piece tournament construction insures explosive distance off your metal-woods while providing ultimate stopping ability with your irons. The super reactive Titanium core maximizes the energy transfer from club head to ball. Symmetrical and aerodynamic dimple design increases lift while decreases drag for higher and longer shots.
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Thoracic Rotation (Golfer’s Stretch)

Muscular tissues made use of: Thoracic spine, anterior shoulder, abs Exactly how To: Lie on your side on a flat surface. Bend your knees to a 90-degree angle and hold your knees with your arms 

Healthy Back Anatomy (Paperback)

By (author): Philip Striano Dr.

Anyone who's ever had back pain knows how debilitating it can be. From a slight twinge when you walk to an all-consuming ache, it can keep you from working out, working at the office, and even getting out of bed. Luckily, there are ways to both prevent and relieve back pain—and they're detailed in Healthy Back Anatomy.

Written by a leading chiropractor, Healthy Back Anatomy features a range of exercises that help strengthen and stabilize the muscles of your back. Each move includes step-by-step instructions, plus full-color photos and anatomical illustrations that let you see how your muscles work. You'll see what muscles you're targeting and learn how to avoid injuring them. And, when you're ready, you'll even have modifications to make the moves harder and challenge yourself further. It's a complete program that includes stretches, balance and posture exercises, and lower back, neck, shoulder, and core exercises, as well as warm-ups and cool-downs.

When you're hurting, having a pain-free back can sometimes seem impossible. But with this book, your health is in your hands!
List Price: $19.95 USD
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Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set with Bag, 11-Piece

List Price: $250.00 USD
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  • Driver (460cc) Features a large sweet spot for extra forgiveness and a super lightweight graphite shaft to enable faster swing speeds (Headcover included)
  • Fairway Wood This fairway wood is very forgiving and has a lightweight shaft for long, high flying shots (Headcover included)
  • Hybrids (5H) A great alternative to difficult long irons, allowing for more confidence on a variety of shots (Headcover included)
  • Irons (7, 9, SW) These perimeter-weighted irons offer forgiveness and control
  • Putter Progressive mallet shape helps you choose your line for better accuracy on the green

Product Description

This stylish set is designed specifically for female golfers who want to maximize their distance and performance. With a 460 cc driver, fairway wood, hybrid, three irons and a putter, the Strata Women’s Set offers more forgiveness to help women hit long, accurate shots.

Insert Alt Text here

Features a 460cc clubhead with a large sweet spot for extra forgiveness and a super lightweight graphite shaft to enable faster swing speeds (Headcover included).

Fairway Wood

This fairway wood is very forgiving and has a lightweight shaft for long, high flying shots (Headcover included).

Hybrids 4H

A great alternative to difficult long irons, allowing for more confidence on a variety of shots (Headcover included).

Irons 7, 9, SW

These perimeter-weighted irons offer forgiveness and control with lightweight shafts enabling faster speeds.


Progressive mallet shape helps you choose your line for better accuracy on the green.


Most Recent Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars omg
these are incredible and awesome clubs. I’m a novice but my instructor tells me that these are a very nice set. I’ve been golfing for 6 months and enjoy the game, especially now!
Published 6 days
4.0 out of 5 stars Good Starter Set
I bought this set after first learning to golf and learning how difficult it is to rent left handed clubs from a course (most courses have very few left handed clubs, if any). Read more
Published 7 days ago by S.
1.0 out of 5 stars.
The clubs were cheap looking and for the price I expected more. I would not buy them again.
Published 9 days ago by Grace Coker
4.0 out of 5 stars Just as advertised
Bought this as starter set for my 13y/o granddaughter and she loves the set and bag. She is still learning, so we will see how it goes.Read more
Published 1 month ago by jdh1934
5.0 out of 5 stars Good looking and well performing.
Bag is sharp looking. Clubs are light weight and very nice to play with. My daughter feels confident with them and this is essential for golf.
Published 2 months ago by steve stone


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Excellent Golf Tips That Will Improve Your Game

  Golf Tips to improve your game
When it comes to golfing, you may be unsure of the best ways to go about working towards perfecting your technique or even to learn more about the game so you can craft a better strategy and reduce your strokes on the course. This article is here to help you get on track and start boosting your game.




Use a couple extra clubs when practicing at the range, on the practice green, or even in a training bunker to ensure a proper alignment and stance in your shots. By placing one club near your feet and one just on the other side of your ball, you can either establish the correct line in advance or go back and check your feet after a swing to see if you had the proper setup.

Never shoot for the hole in one. In fact, unless you’re actually on the green you shouldn’t be shooting for the cup at all in golf. You want to shoot for the green. Aiming to land it on the green is a much bigger target than shooting at the flag or the hole itself, and like good shooters say, “aim small, miss small.”

When chipping the golf ball out of a sand trap, it is important to know that you actually have to hit the sand behind the ball. Chip the sand as much as two inches behind the ball. This will help launch the ball upward in the air and out of the sand trap.

When you are trying to improve your golf swing, keep your hands low. The lower your hands are, the lower the ball will fly. This makes each shot travel a farther distance rather than popping way up. So when you follow through, keep your hands low.

Golf Clubs

Purchase your golf shoes at a store that also sells golf clubs or take a couple of clubs with you. By doing this, you can practice your swing while wearing the shoes and see how they feel throughout your swing. This is one of the big advantages of buying your golf shoes in person rather than online or by mail.

When you first start playing golf, it’s a good idea to rent your clubs rather than investing in your own set. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, you won’t know what kind of clubs will work best for you until you have been playing a while. Second, golf clubs are expensive. If you decide you don’t want to pursue the game, you will have invested a lot of money in clubs for no reason.

A helpful tip when it comes to golf is store you clubs where is it safe. Never leave your golf clubs in your automobile overnight, if you do not park it in a secure garage. Many thieves know that people tend to keep clubs in their back seat or trunk and will target you.

Remember that men, women and children all use different kinds of golf clubs. If you are a small woman, it does not go without saying that a child’s set of clubs will work for you. There are differences in shaft length, angle, and the strength with which you can hit the ball that all make it very important to get exactly the right set of golf clubs for you.

With golf, even the smallest adjustments can yield tremendous results. So, take the information that pertains to your own golf strategy and style from this article, in order to make the necessary changes that will make a difference in how you play but also, make you appreciate the game of golf and what it is all about.

These clubs are designed to create maximum performance right out of the box for more confidence from tee-to-green. With a 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, two hybrids, five irons and a putter, the Strata Men’s Set provides a great combination of distance, forgiveness and control.

Insert Alt Text here

460cc forged driver has a large sweet spot and provides more forgiveness to help you rip it off the tee (Headcover included)

Fairway Wood #3

This 3-Wood is very forgiving and has a more aerodynamic head shape for long, high flying shots.

Hybrids 4H, 5H

A great alternative to difficult long irons, allowing for more confidence on a variety of shots.

Irons 6-PW

These stainless steel irons offer a great combination of forgiveness and control


Progressive mallet shape helps you choose your line for better accuracy on the green.

Insert Alt Text here
Also Includes
  • Headcovers: Driver, 3
  • Bag: Stand
See Full Specifications
List Price: $250.00 USD
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Spending time readin golf reviews

The reality is that spending time on reviews is worth while

Golf equipment is rather the investment and if you are a significant golf player, your devices is most likely among your preferred possessions. This makes it essential to be informed when looking for any kind of golf equipment. Whether you decide to shop from a golf equipment magazine, or visit excellent pro stores, you’ll wish to be informed about brand names, manufacturers, and all the new and ingenious devices. The very best method to do this is with golf equipment evaluations.

The first item that you’ll wish to research is golf clubs. Products such as motorists, wedges, and putters are constantly changing and progressing to enhance the golf gamer and their game. Golf equipment testimonials can help you pick the very best brand name, a more cost effective producer, or a brand-new kind of club. Discover a club that will assist with your swing, or provide you more putting control. Or merely find a club that is made use of by professionals. Golf equipment evaluations can assist you do that.


wilson golf club set

Other types of golf equipment you could wish to study are golf balls and golf accessories. Golf balls could appear fundamental, but they really do differ quite a bit. Different brands and kinds of balls do in a different way and provide something unique, so it’s a great concept to check out them. Other individual golf accessories that golf equipment evaluations can aid you in shopping for are gloves, bags, and shoes.

Are you looking for golf training equipment? Consider reading some golf equipment assesses first. Not just can training devices be pricey, but it is essential to select the pieces that will most assist you enhance your total golf game. This makes is required for you to discover all you can about the various kinds before you buy. Some devices is for more advanced golf players, whereas various other products are very basic and for newbies.

Now that you are encouraged that golf equipment reviews are an important part of the buying procedure, you might be wondering where to discover the reviews you wish to check out. One option is golf publications. Publications for golf enthusiasts will have a wide variety of evaluations in each concern. The web is also a wonderful location to look. Sites such as offer you examines on all kinds of equipment and in all cost ranges so you can make the best option for you.

Looking for info on ladies’s golf clubs

The putter features a precise white finish which stands out when the putter is in the address position on the green. This contrast of the white color against the green grass really helps maintain focus on the alignment lines that help ensure that your putter is on target at start. At 380g the additional 40g weight of the mallet putter is “tour-weighted”, suited best for the faster greens that are more and more common around the world. You’ll also get a smooth forward spinning ball at impact with reduced skid giving you stability in your putting game.
List Price: $39.95 USD
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Hybrid Golf equipment Evaluation

Hybrid Golf tools Evaluation

Hybrid clubs have actually definitely absorbed the usual (and not-so-average) golfer’s bag with certainly improved merely how people join this specific video game.

A cross golf club is truly a combo of equally lengthy level iron as well as fairway woodlands. Generally, a lengthy flat iron has a more small team confront over a hybrid club, which normally sometimes obtains a difficulty specifically beginners whom often help make negative sees to cause their round flight for you to “cut”, which is why the molds connected with cross golf clubs ensured that they could made a club using rather wider “sweetspot” over a prolonged straightener. Hence, oftens make playing golf hybrid cars a lot more forgiving compared with the iron. Fairway timbers, conversely get arched deals with like the hybrids, though hybrids are generally considerably less complexed.


Any kind of a mix of both golf club is typically quicker rather than lengthy metal and often made from useless steel or probably Titanium. Unlike common belief, these type of golf devices are not which pricey whatsoever, contemplating their particular effectiveness and game-shifting character which could possibly permit you to your great individual within the the game. Providers today elect to make cross golf clubs from locally-found elements to make sure that you could lessen sector rates.

Hybrid vehicles are excellent to make use of inside hard is in addition to perilous locations of your program. It might lessen by methods of wine glass and likewise mud without having restricting the possible golf ball speed it could give. On a great swing movement in addition to stroke, a crossbreed could accumulate around One hundred and eighty for you to 200 backyards in your on-line video game.

The moment upon a time, while the video game of golf hybrid automobiles were preliminary introduced, we were holding taken care of while cracks or perhaps a problem inside shoe stores, the reason being that producers previously, were not qualified of creating excellent hybrids.

Essentially, their objective to make a cross between long term golf irons and fairway woodland hit a brick wall surface. Yet lots of examine and re-modification, suppliers had the ability to create a mix of both kinds that made today name to be “iron substitutes”. Generally, players use hybrids instead of 3-, 4- and 5- iron, as being a the video game of golf crossbreed now is simpler to hit compared with these sort of straightener kinds.

And with the today’s modern technology these days, occurred just can purchase basic crossbreed golf devices off the shelves, but often in addition perform custom-fitting on their part, in order that your hybrids are normally well-suited for you directly. The golf players best buddy could be the club, as the mentioning goes. And also to make sure you have that cup, you have to select the appropriate buddy to obtain with each other with you within the the game.

visit my own site golf netting to get additional evaluations concerning golf netting

The Taylor made rocketballz ribs stage 2 rescue features a new ultra-high strength rocket steel material which creates a thinner and faster flexing face. the improved speed pocket design allows for faster flexing to promote faster ball speed and more distance. the lower and more forward cg promotes faster ball speed, high launch and low spin. faster and longer than original rocketballz rescues ultra-high strength tailor-made rocket steel supplied by carpenter creates a thinner and faster-flexing face. improved speed pocket design flexes faster to promote faster ball speed and more distance. lower and more-forward cg location promotes faster ball speed, high launch and low spin. black clubface, non-glare white crown and new crown graphic all promote easy alignment. lightweight 65-gram graphite shaft promotes fast swing speed.
List Price: $199.99 USD
New From: $89.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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Tips On Having The Best Golf Grip

Tips On Having The Best Golf Grip

Are you having trouble with your golf grip? Then you are not the only one. Most golfers usually have a hard time dealing with the confusion of what the best golf grip might be for them to win in the course.

A winning golf grip is crucial to the setup because the hands are the only part of the body that transfers strength straight to the club. There is no right or wrong grip. It all depends on which one suits you best.

Nevertheless, there are some generally accepted traits of a winning Golf Grip:

1) This golf grip allows your hands to work in harmony.
2) The clubface has revisited squared to the target line through impact
3) The clubface is reserved as vertical through impact.
4) The utmost amount of energy is transferred from the swing through the hands to the clubface.
5) The wrists cock and let go easily.

It is impossible to develop a good golf swing without a winning grip. This is because the grip commands the clubface directly, which brings the body to proposition. Beginning golfers presume that all golf grips are neutral. The trained golfer knows that the secret lies in the grip. They habitually have their individual liking of grip when it comes to winning.

An extra main point to bring out is the force of the golf grip. It is crucial that both hands work together when holding the club with a unfailing force. The weight has to be light enough to allow wrist movements but firm enough to continue power over your driver. The majority of mistakes in a golf grip consist of applying surplus pressure throughout the game. This is a wide spread thing as players grip too hard. A first-class grip pressure should be smooth and simple.

With golf, you can never get it right. However, with practice, you might be more than half way there. Visit for more professional guidance on how to improve your golf grip.

Need more tips on golf improvement? Click here -> Golf Instruction Resource.

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